At the Office, on the go, at the gym, and at home!

For nutrition Shakes, workout supplements, electrolytes, thirst quenchers and sipping beverages: Choose Bevstir®

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Your Gym Buddy

The perfect partner for giving you what your body needs.

Enjoy Hot Beverages too.

Bevstir® serves up perfect, foamy, instant specialty coffees and teas — hot or on ice — from Caramel Caffè Latte, and Peppermint Mocha to Spiced Chai and Hot Apple Ciders!

A New Kind of Smooth


The Bevstir® Portable Power Mixer Cup is both powerful and gentle at the same time. The electric motor drives the Magnetic Stirring Disc at speeds up to 8,000 revolutions per minute. While the smooth surfaced stirring disk gently agitates the mixture as it propels the liquid into a high speed vortex. A smooth blend every time.

The Bevstir® is able to handle the heaviest of protein and nutrient supplement mixes, as well as producing exquisite foamy Caffè Lattes, the Bevstir® is ideal for either hot or cold beverages due to it’s double walled insulated cup.

Mix it up with Bevstir®

Touch-less Magnetic Drive Stirring Disc

Unbeatable fluid action.

The pressure differential between the disc and the boundary layer of liquid causes the liquid to be dragged along the surface of the disc. As the motor spins at speeds up to 8,000 revolutions per minute, the Bevstir® stirring disc creates a powerful vortex inside the cup, while still being gentle on the contents. The pressure gradient of the spinning vortex lifts the liquid and ingredients up the sides of the cup, swirling at high speed to produce an even mixture. The smooth disc optimizes the effectiveness in viscous fluids by quickly establishing a partial stirring motion, in situations that stirring blades get stuck.

The magnets inside the detachable motor capsule produce a rotating magnetic field that drives the magnetic stirring disc trough the bottom of the cup. The Bevstir® cup has no drive rods, blades or rotary seals.

Easy to clean, and will never leak or introduce contaminants.

The motor capsule in the base is powered by long lasting rechargeable batteries that connect to any USB port or device for charging — at home or in the car.


  1. Powerful Touch-less Magnetic-drive and Stirring Disc
  2. Durable Clear Beverage cup made of BPA FREE & DHEA Free Plastic
    Double walled insulation
  3. Ergonomically Designed Drinking spout with stopper
  4. Leak Proof Rubber and Silicone O-ring seals
  5. Handy Integrated Sipping Straw
  6. Easy to clean one-piece “no leak” Beverage cup
  7. Heavy duty (8,000 rpm max) Electric motor
  8. Detachable motor base for ease of use and convenience
  9. Long Lasting Built-in USB rechargeable Batteries


Add a powerful statement to your company promotion gifts. The Bevstir® can be the perfect branded product or bonus for nutrition, health, fitness and performance businesses, or a useful eco/health lifestyle gift item for both customers and employees.

The Bevstir® cup is ideal for silkscreening or clear decal application, at our facility. The logo/message can be applied on the outside or on the inside of the double walled insulated cup for extra durability.

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The Bevstir® Portable Power Mixer Cup is a perfect item to add to any retail business, from lifestyle shops to gift and general retail. Contact us below for wholesale and volume order pricing.

Each display box contains; 1 Bevstir® cup, leak proof lid with drinking spout, drinking straw & magnetic stirring disc, detachable magnetic-drive electric motor base with rechargeable batteries and one USB charging cord.

Box size: 3.5″ x 3.5″ x 9″ (9cm x 9cm x 24cm)

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